When it all began

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When it all began

In 2016, my now fiancé and business partner Alby moved to a little town in the Okanagan known as Summerland. We didn’t really know at the time we moved there, how quiet of a town it was after living in mega cities for the past 6 years.

Needless to say, we were a little bored. I started going to their local farmers market and it was like a little flip switched in my head, “I can do this!” So I started making what I love, Jam and pickles! We spent the rest of the summer working tirelessly at our Chef jobs and creating new and interesting flavours of jam that we would sling at the Tuesday markets on Alby’s only day off as he had two jobs at the time. Our little side hustle was fun! I loved it! I got hooked! I could see potential in it and even though it was crazy challenging, we stuck with it.